About Us

// What is the Dal Bike Centre //

The Dal Bike Centre is a space that provides free education, workshops, and bike loans to Dalhousie and Kings students. In addition, it is an open DIY space for all community members to work on their bikes and engage in Halifax cycling conversations. As a community space, the Dal Bike Centre strives to promote bicycling as a viable transportation option for students and community members in Halifax. Furthermore, the Centre provides cycling education, as well as advocating for safe cycling in Halifax.

// History //

The Dal Bike Centre began as a pilot project in 2009 with funding from Clean Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Athletics, and the Dalhousie Office of Sustainability. Later the Dal Bike Society was formed as a student society and co-managed the space alongside the Office of Sustainability. The Society's board of directors provided guidance on Centre operations, supported volunteers, and held events. The Office of Sustainability was responsible for funding and hiring a staff member who managed the centre, as well as promoting the centre and its initiatives. In 2016 the Office of Sustainability withdrew from co-managing the Centre, and gave full management responsibility to the Society. Ever since the Centre has been run and managed by the Society, and most the funding now comes from a student levy. In 2017 the Society ran a successful campaign in the student union elections to increase the levy, and include Kings students as well.

Since September 2017 the Dal Bike Centre has: