// Loans //

Bike loans are free to Dalhousie and King's students and by donation for faculty and staff subject to availability. Currently, the bikes can be loaned for up to 2 weeks, and all loans include a lock, lights, and a helmet. All loans are being provided remotely, so email us at with your B00# to be placed on the waitlist for a loan.
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Hybrid Bikes - OPUS Zermatt

Number of gears:24
Bike centre owns:10
Great all around bike for casual rides, running errands around town, or for longer rides on road or trail.

Hybrid Bikes - MEC Midtown

Number of gears:8
Bike centre owns:8
The lightest of our bikes, this hybrid will get you around in-town or out off town quickly and effortlessly.

// Repairs //

The Dal Bike Centre has tools at your disposal for you to fix your bike and knowledgeable staff and volunteers to guide you along the way. We carry some basic repair items such as inner tubes, brake pads, cables and housing, along with an assortment of used parts to help keep you on the road. Please note this is not a drop off service, we will help you fix your bike, but will not do it for you.

// Educational Classes //
**Cancelled for the forseable future**

Classes are held throughout the year covering an array of bicycle related topics. Check our Facebook or Eventbrite page for upcoming workshops. You can also stop by the Bike Centre during regular hours and learn from our knowledgeable staff. More experienced individuals are also encouraged to volunteer at the Bike Centre where they can learn alongside our staff members, and help fellow cyclists repair their bicycles.